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Back Acne & Back Facial

Back facial

Acne, blackheads, whiteheads,and yellow pus filled pimples can appear on some areas other than the face such as shoulders, chest and back.

Back acne is caused by the same factors as face acne. 

Skin has sebaceous glands that produce sebum which is an oil substance. If these glands make too much sebum, it can clog skin pores, and because of dead skin cells and bacteria, acne and pimples appear.

When dead skin cells, impurities and bacteria clog up the pores, and your skin produces excess oil, they can cause inflammation and redness on the pores that can be painful.

Other factors such as hormones, stress, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep, and age can trigger the acne breakouts or make them worse. 

Teenage back acne usually goes away at the end of puberty, but sometimes adult people still struggle with it.

If back acne is left without any treatment, brown spots and scars can appear on your skin forever. 


Back Facial is a relaxing and effective treatment that targets your back.

☆It typically begins with deep cleansing, exfoliating and steaming to lift impurities then extraction, toning, nourishing skin, and following with a customized mask, moisturizing, and relaxing back massage.

✓ Back Facial helps to clear clogged pores and prevent back acne, treat dry and itchy skin, and leaves you with the soft, smooth, and beautiful skin in a way that you never could do on your own!

2 thoughts on “Back Acne & Back Facial

  1. Roxana says:

    Hi I was wondering if you do any back body facial?

    1. Mojgan Jafari says:

      Hi Roxana,
      Sorry for my delayed response.
      Yes, I do Back Facial with Organic Certified skin care products.
      My number is 647 978 1194. Please reach me to schedule. I’d be happy to help.

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