Laser Hair Removal

How does IPL-Laser Hair Removal work?

IPL laser hair removal

unique skin care offers non-invasive, safe, effective, and clean with minimal discomfort treatment for the permanent reduction of hair by using SharpLight technology which is IPL- DPC.

This technology for hair reduction treatment emits light beam through the hair into the hair follicle. The light energy turns into heat energy that coagulate the melanin in the hair follicle.

Light based technology is based on a method called “selective photothermolysis”, which works by selective destruction of a specific target without damaging surrounding tissue.

During the procedure, a slight and momentary stinging sensation may be felt, but not pain, so this  treatment is pain-less.

Hair reduction procedure is non-invasive with minimum side effect, so it is a safe treatment.

The treatment does without using gel on the skin, so it is a clean procedure.

IPL  hair removal is suitable for skin and hair types, any body area and any size, from small size like upper lip, chin, medium areas such as shoulders, chest, and abdomen, to large areas like full legs, full back, or full arms.

The typical regimen for hair removal is 5-7 treatment sessions, spaced usually 4 weeks apart for face, and 6 weeks apart for body, because about 20-25% of human hair follicles on the body are in the active growth phase at any given time. This is the percentage of hair follicles that can be destroyed in a single treatment session.

Benefits of the IPL- Hair Removal:

  • Clean treatment (without using gel)
  • Long term reduction of hair
  • Relatively painless treatment
  • Small number of treatments to obtain results (relatively)
  • Effective solution for all patient profile
  • Non-invasive, safe, and reliable
  • Thousands of satisfied clients


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