Chemical Peel

In the field of skin care, we offer the process of removing excess accumulation of dead cells from the corneum layers of the epidermis as superficial peeling. This process can be accomplished chemically, by the use of specific products formulated to achieve the results.

Skin care therapists use procedures designed to penetrate that product into the epidermis. These is referred to as light peels. These light peels are non-invasive and non-aggressive in nature and are designed to treat the epidermis.


Improving the texture of the skin, and increase cell turnover rate, hydration and intercelluar lipids.

Improving the barrier function, moisture retention, also elastin and collagen production.

Reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and surface pigmentation.

Peels are used to control skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and clogged pores.

After treatments, skin looks and feels smoother and softer.